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Very high dirt absorption


Effective cleaning thanks to brush effect.
The FLOCKTECHNOLOGY offers excellent dirt and grease absorption. Dirt particles attach to the flock fibers, are removed and therefore prevent the overall distribution of dirt inside the card readers and bill acceptors. Effective cleaning is achieved by using cleaning cards moistened with high-purity cleaning solvents.

Clean contacts.
To guarantee a smooth card processing it is essential to ensure fault free data transfer on the magnetic head and on chip contacts. Thanks to the use of ECS cleaning cards you improve data transfer, functionality and reliability.

Coded magnetic stripes.
ECS cleaning cards manufactured for banking and post office cash dispensers (ATMs) are fitted with a coded magnetic stripe. Like a banking or credit card, this stripe opens the access control (shutter) to enable insertion of the cleaning card into the card reader.

Testing by Sulzer Innotec.
The renowned company Sulzer Innotec tested ECS` FLOCKTECHNOLOGY cards alongside with conventional cleaning cards. The test results clearly show that the moistened, flock-coated ECS cards achieved far better cleaning results than simple and conservative cards. This is due to the brush effect of ECS` FLOCKTECHNOLOGY cards in combination with the use of high quality cleaning solvents. The self-explanatory pouch ensures that any operator can use the product with confidence.